We're on our way to 100,000 facebook likes!

This is cause for celebration!

We’ll be marking the occasion of reaching 100,000 likes by giving away 100 books! You read right – we’re just that thrilled to have come so far in our first year, and we have you to thank! The positivity we've been welcomed with has been truly overwhelming and we can assuredly say: we have the best fans! So we'd like to turn this excellent cause for celebration into a giveaway for a wonderful cause.

We’ve already received so much from our customers and it’s made us happier than we can explain. The best way we can think of to celebrate is to spread this happiness. We believe making someone else happy means giving them something they deserve without expecting anything in return. And sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the most significant. Like a book. Like a personalized book.

To make sure we do this right, we’ll need your help! Do you know a child who loves reading? Or maybe a family that’s having a tough time making ends meet? Is there a boy out there who’s had a hard year or a girl who simply deserves to be a little happier? Give it some thought and tell us the name and story of someone who deserves to feel a little more special by getting their own personalized book. Together, we can celebrate this milestone and make someone special happy – hooray!

How does it work?

Just enter all the data in the table above. Don't forget to write down why this child deserves this personalized surprise. If your reason wins us over, your child will receive a letter with a code that will allow them to order one of our personalized books for free. We will also let them know that you entered them into this giveaway. At that time, you will also recieve a confirmation e-mail letting you know that we've chosen your child. Good luck!