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When Noah Grows Up - Daddy Edition

Perfect Daddy Gift

Everyone knows that fathers want the best for their kiddos, and with our new edition of “When Theodore Grows Up”, we want fathers to have the best, too! That’s why we’ve included some brand new features sure to hit dads all over the world directly in the feels. We’ve put dad on each and every page, as well as included the “what child calls him” personalization option. There’s also your choice of sidekick, either Bondee Bear, Rascal the Raccoon, or Mrs. Hootwit, that can also be purchased as a plush toy! We’re also introducing a new career, the Armed Forces Service Member, to our list of choices. So if you’ve been wondering what to get a father who has everything, look no further!

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Sasha, You'll Always Be Our Little Girl

Best Family Gift

Our little girl's growing up so fast! But she’ll never outgrow our love. The bond shared by a family is always there, and “Sasha, You'll Always Be Our Little Girl” is all about the little moments that make it so strong. This personalized book is the first to include one child and BOTH of her parents – with ALL combinations possible. From riding bikes to saying goodnight, the family memories you make never fade away, and this book helps you cherish them forever.

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Aaron, You'll Always Be My Little Boy

Gift for Daddy and Kiddo

You’re growing up so fast! Yet somehow, you’ll always be my little boy. The Daddy Edition of “Aaron, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy” captures this eternal boyhood in spite of growing up through a father’s loving eyes. In this personalized book, Dad imagines the everyday moments that become memories of bonding with his little boy. From riding a bike to saying good night, this keepsake promises to be an emotional roller coaster. Just like fatherhood.

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Mark, You'll Always Be My Little Boy

Best Gift For Mom

Words can't describe the bond between a mother and her child, but this personalized book comes close! The Mommy Edition of “Mark, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy” depicts the everyday moments where Mom’s love for her son is felt the most. Capturing the memories of watching him grow up, this book proves that no matter how fast time flies by, Mom will always have her little boy. From heading off to school to splashing in the pool, this keepsake has it all. Just like moms.

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The Adventures of Michael, Flynn and Laura

Three Siblings Edition

Whoever says two’s company, three’s a crowd clearly can’t handle the non-stop adventure that is having three children! So just for those heroic parents of three, our best-selling personalized sibling book is now available for three siblings! Personalize any combination of brothers and sisters, choose 15 adventures, and enjoy as each page bursts with three times the rhyming fun! With Mom or Dad as the narrator, this personalized children’s book is the perfect bedtime read now and the cutest keepsake to cherish for the best three siblings you know.

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The Adventures of Chloe and Logan

Special Edition - Poems

Special Edition! One book in which two siblings embark on adventures in the form of poems! Poems read by Mom. Poems read by Dad. Poems about older sisters and younger brothers and any other combinations you can think of! Having a sibling means having a companion, a partner, and a co-adventurer, and this Special Edition of “The Adventures of Chloe and Logan” puts your inseparable pair into a world of rhythm and rhyme. Whether it’s baking cookies, climbing trees, jumping in puddles or any of the adventures you choose, it’ll be rhymes for bedtime, rhymes for downtime, rhymes for bonding time – rhymes for any time!

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