9 Secrets You Probably Haven’t Noticed in The Personalized Book ”When Emma/Jacob Grows Up”

We’re convinced you’ve heard about our bestseller “When Emma/Jacob Grows Up”. In case you’re one of the few who hasn’t, then you’re about to find out what you were missing all this time by clicking here.

A quick overview of our bestselling personalized children’s book in numbers:

– 8 months of hard work.

– 9 devoted people.

– More than 500 hours of work for the illustrations alone!

– More than 5 billion possible combinations for your personalized book.

Those 5 billion mentioned above include the personalization process of mom and a child with their own names and so, so, so much more! We also carefully selected materials for the book cover and use solely high-quality paper to add that chic finishing touch!

But what really makes the personalized book ”When Jacob Grows Up” special are those tiny details that sneaked between the pages and are seen only by the most observant. Here is the grand reveal of the top 9 secrets you most likely haven’t discovered so far:

1. Mr. Miyagi

Providing various options regarding skin colors from Asian to African-American in our personalized book, our illustrator decided to include a special well-known movie character to go with scientist’s Asian look. Did you recognize that wise man whose words: ”Wax on, wax off” from Karate Kid became well known all around the world? Of course, it’s Mr. Miyagi!

2. Guns N’ Roses

Isn’t it impressive how much attention rock stars attract when hitting the stage? But hey, which is the song that makes the crowd go wild? If you take a look at the notes in the background, they reveal the answer – it’s the rock anthem “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses!

3.  Clown’s nose

The “heroes in white” save lives on a daily basis, but do you perhaps know why is our doctor wearing a red clown nose in the illustration? The answer is simple – the red nose pays homage to the clown doctors who bring magic moments to hospitals and spread joy among little patients!

4.  Fries in space

Have you seen it? The astronaut in our personalized book story is reaching out to grab crispy fries! Are you wondering why is that even special? Scientists have in fact discovered that it’s impossible to fry food in space! Well, how could the little one get the fries then? Someone must have shot them up with a rocket!

5. Special guests

There are many late-night shows, but our TV star’s show is something else because it’s airing a show with not just any celebrity guests but deceased music stars. This time on the show: British singer Amy Winehouse and The Beatles legend John Lennon!

6. A tattoo for mom

Many musicians must have recognized it already. We’re talking about that beauty the rock star holds in the hands is an old Fender Stratocaster, just like the text suggests! But most importantly take a look at the little one’s arm where you’ll see a special tattoo peaking out, showing love and gratitude to the one and only – MOM!

7.  The blind passenger

There are strange creatures living in the depths of the seas. We probably know more about the surface of the moon than about the depths of our oceans, that’s why so many desire to venture down there. The blind passenger was lucky to catch its ride with the submarine! But did you spot it? The blind passenger, we mean, not the submarine.

8. Baby bodyguard

Members of Congress, presidents and senators are important people who are often seen in public accompanied by top trained bodyguards who are responsible for their security. The president in our story obviously trusts her special bodyguards, especially the one with a dummy, immensely.

9. Painting style

As you found out by now, every illustration in our personalized book is special, but one surely stands out for its nature – the painter’s story portrays artist’s unique painting style and the content of the story reflects in the illustration itself!

How many of the hidden details did you discover before our reveal? There are so many other intriguing details that can be found in our personalized children’s book, take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

We also wish you a lot of fun discovering other personalized books in our online children’s bookstore.

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