A Personalized Hooray Heroes Book – The Perfect Gift in a Gift Box

Gift boxes wrap our personalized books to perfection. They may look as if they function as a package only, but the truth is they actually offer so much more… Go on, keep on reading!

Milestones are meant to be celebrated, be it a birth, christening, birthday, beginning of nursery or school, etc. And we couldn’t agree more that finding the perfect gift for boys and girls can be as mind-boggling as understanding their sleeping pattern – waking up early on weekends but sleep in on weekdays when they need to get up early. That’s why we’re here! We have an ingenious gift idea for you and it can even be upgraded in a click or two. Select one of our personalized books and ”wrap” it in one our thoughtfully created gift boxes. You’ll thank us later!

Sure, every single Hooray Heroes gift box looks great itself, but we wanted to offer more and spice things up.

Therefore we created wholesome gift boxes that:

– Look so pretty they require no additional wrapping paper.

– Safely carry personalized children’s books under the lid.

– Double as an entertaining board game for two, three or the whole family.

Gift boxes – each with a different board game – are designed to complement all Hooray Heroes personalized books and are a cherry on top that can easily be added to the order. We can guarantee you all board games will bring heaps of fun not only for the little ones but also the adults.

Some of our favorite tasks from the Magical Gift Box:

– Find something red around you.

– Shout “Hooray!” three times.

– Make a happy face.

And the most heartwarming one:

– Hug another player.


Other gift boxes offer a wide array of witty twists and turns as well. Check them out as thoroughly as you check your room when you hear the sound of a mosquito roaming around, and select your favorite one. We have gift boxes for both girls and boys!

Now you’re only missing a personalized children’s book to fit in the gift box, so we suggest you take an attentive look at our books and immerse yourself in the colorful world of Hooray Heroes.



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