How our personalized children’s books are made?

Did you know that it took 11 months, 25 creative people, 1,200 hours of our best illustrators’ sweat and tears and couple hundred gallons of coffee to create one of our best-selling books? And that the author of the book actually lived in the woods for a couple of weeks to work on the story? It’s a complete mystery what happened there. Well, not really, ‘cause… book. Voila!

We love to concoct the craziest ideas and then discuss them with each other. And soon enough, magic happens. Pure magic. And today we wanted to show and tell a little bit more about how our illustration process works. From sketches to final illustrations.

For the story of the farmer (one of the 20 stories you will get to choose from in our book “When Jacob Grows Up”), our illustrator had the amazing idea to draw an imaginary landscape made of fruits and veggies. Do you see the cheese mountains in the background? And the strawberry hot air balloon? The initial idea was to include a happy piggy, but…

…the illustrator decided to include a cow. Why? Because his son, who is now only 16 months old, got delightfully attached to a plush cow toy. So the final illustration is like a mini-tribute, right? We love it. The next step was to color the sketch. This is a long and difficult process since, by this point, the illustrator has put his heart and soul into the sketch. It is easy to make a mistake, but in the end when it comes together…

…something magical happens. You get completely lost in this imaginary landscape, right? Remember the cheese mountains? They look quite amazing, don’t they? And the broccoli trees in front of them… We don’t know why, but we were never quite sure about the carrots, though. And what happened to the strawberry hot air balloon? As we like to say: “Text happened.” It’s an inside joke. There was just not enough space for the amazing text that our author wrote. And so … bye-bye strawberry, safe travels!

There are 20 such illustrations available in our bestselling book “When Jacob Grows Up”. If nothing else, make sure you find some time to browse through these magical illustrations and lose yourself in our mesmerizing land of imagination.

We have some secret surprises hidden in the book. 😉

Or you can just check out the remarkable video of our illustrator at work here.


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