This is the story behind our bestselling book

“Do you have a book about a firefighter?”
“My son wants to be a pilot. Do you have a book about that?”
“My granddaughter loves to dance. Do you have a book about ballerinas?”

This is how it all started – with ideas from our worldwide community. It was so true, so honest, so innate, that the idea for the book “When Sophia Grows Up” came in a jiffy: “Let’s make a book in which parents can choose the stories and define the hero,” said our creative director with his index finger pointing to the sky. And after that, nothing could stop us.


While one creative team was developing a concept for the stories you will get to choose from, our amazing illustrators were already hard at work on the ideas of what the basic characters would look like. Of course, now you can personalize every detail, but we needed to start somewhere, right?


As this is the only such book in the world, we were confronted with an amazing but difficult task to develop the character of a mother in a way, that you, dear mothers, are able to personalize yourself as easily as possible. Yes! Both you and your child are the heroes of this book!


Besides defining the main character and their mom, you can even define the content of the book. No, really! There are 20 amazing stories to choose from and you get to choose 10 or 15 to include in your amazingly personalized one-of-a-kind book. Will your little one be a pilot, a cook, or a ballet dancer? Maybe a rock star, TV host or poet?

There are currently more than 500,000 children and their parents across the globe enjoying the book “When Jacob Grows Up”!  And not a day goes by in which we don’t receive photos, quotes or just kind words from them. And this is what keeps us going!

Hooray heroes personalized children's books

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