Welcome to the Illustrator’s Magical Studio – The Making of Our First Personalized Book For Siblings

Dear reader, nice of you to drop by! Are you in for a treat that’ll make you go: ”Hooray!”? We’ve been arduously and devotedly working on our new and so far the only personalized sibling book. Yes, a book for siblings. Two to be precise. And if you ask us, it has turned out to be the most beautiful of all our personalized books for children until now!

Not only will you select the gender, the name and the look of BOTH heroes, you will also create your own customized book content by picking 15 (out of 25 overall) stories in which your two kiddos venture on common adventures. Yes, we couldn’t agree more, that’s totally awesome.

Not only are we working on the best book for two siblings, but we also created a FREE personalized coloring book for your two little ones! And you can download it right away!

Take a look behind the scenes of the magical studio where our illustrator developed countless variants of sketches – from various head, eye and haircut shapes to numerous backgrounds with every single detail hand-draw to perfection. We managed to persuade him in being filmed for this purpose for the very first time (fingers crossed it wasn’t the last), although he doesn’t like it when someone’s looking over his shoulder. Well, if you only remember how you felt in school when a teacher stood behind you during an exam, you’ll get his sentiments. Nevertheless, he gave us an insight into the gradual process of how the illustrations for our new personalized sibling book were made.



Hard to believe, but true: every page in the book offers over 2.3 million possible combinations of your two heroes! No, it’s not a typo, 2.3 million is the correct number! Truly unbelievable! So when we say we created a unique personalized children’s book, we mean it. Just for your heroes! The sibling book only requires a few finishing – beauty, if you will – touches and it’ll be ready to make siblings and their parents beam with happiness and pride.

We know how much you are looking forward to the book. Be one of the first to get this unique book and receive  20%  discount!  Just enter your e-mail here and secure your 20% discount code on the day of publication. Hooray!

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