Hooray jobs

Would you like to become a full- or a part-time Hero?

Hooray, you're in the right place! We're always on the lookout for new heroic members to join our team.


Hooray Heroes Land is a magical place in which children's imaginations come to life across the pages of our books. When we're not feeding our unicorns and making rainbows, we're constantly developing our modern personalized-book approach to keep families smiling around the world.


The greatest tamers of the most demanding tasks in differents fields are united under one roof in this magical land. Every single one of them rocks at what they do best, and we expect nothing less from you too.

  • IT

    Are PHP/Laravel and JavaScript/Vue your foreign languages? Then check out what's in store for you!

  • Art and design

    Creative souls, kids all around the world are eager to see your skills. May they shine with glory and pride – both your skills and our readers, that is!

  • Project Management

    We're looking for jugglers – those expertly juggle various projects and tight deadlines. Effortlessly and seamlessly, of course.

  • Marketing

    If you consider yourself a marketing guru, please, feel free to impress us. We love being impressed.

  • Production

    Language (EN/DE/IT/FR/SL) fluency combined with reliability and thoroughness. Hop aboard the Hooray Heroes express!

  • Customer Care

    Do you speak to people's hearts, not only listen but hear and always stay positive? Then we surely want you among us!

  • Finance

    Number wizards, show yourselves! Come on, don't be shy, we are lost without you. Show us the way!


  • Super work environment

    You'll work with equipment of your choice and enjoy a flexible work schedule and the option to occassionally work remotely.

  • Superhero colleagues

    We're a young, talented, international team ready to lend our super skills to help in anyway we can.

  • Competitive salary

    We value your presence on our team and will make sure we reward the work you do for us.

  • Fast-growing company

    Be a part of the excitement as we improve our products and customer experience and expand into new markets.

  • Passionate projects

    You'll have the opportunity and support to advance your personal and professional skills while working on exciting projects.

  • Powerful perks

    We'll keep you happy and healthy with fresh fruit and refreshments and opportunities to learn, laugh and relax.

Open roles

At the moment there are no open positions.