Birthday Gift Box for Boys

A birthday. Such a special day. Time for a special gift. Special gift you say? Check! Show how much you care and give one of our personalized books to the birthday boy. One of our unique personalized gems is going to bring so much joy to Noah. Hooray for him! Even better for him: give it away in a beautiful birthday gift box. The box is not just a pretty box. It’s a game as well! Game night everyone!

The birthday gift box says 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy and hides a Hooray Heroes book inside.

The birthday gift box is nothing like a regular box since it holds a magical surprise inside.

The Race of the Millennium board game

Each birthday gift box doubles as a fun board game offering endless hours of pure fun to your children, their friends, and even you.

On the bottom of the gift box you can find three race tracks. The game is very simple but at the same time full of excitement, fun and unexpected twists. The winner of the game is the player who is the first to finish the race. But beware, there are a number of obstacles on your way to the finish line: slippery oil stains, a fast police officer and other players.

Up to three race cars (three players) and one police officer can enter the race. The police officer cannot win the race, but has two missions - to slow down the race cars on their way to the end and smile cheerfully at every successfully set trap.

The Race of the Millennium board game comes in three difficulty levels that differ in the number of obstacles set on the tracks and the police officer's role.

Sure to bring fun to parents, grandpas and grandmas as well.
Start your engines and enjoy The Race of the Millennium board game with your kids.
Die and game pieces included
We have already included all the game pieces and the die in the gift box. Let the game begin!
Endless hours of pure fun
Different difficulty levels ensure new challenges and unexpected twists.

The cost of one box is $6.90. Because we don’t want your book or gift box to get damaged during shipment, they will be put in an additional cardboard package.

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