All you want for Christmas is …
our personalized "Merry Christmas, Jonas!" book

We say "Christmas", you say "WHAT?!" Yes, despite summer being in full swing, Christmas is very much on our minds at the Hooray Heroes' offices. Rather than doing our summer bodies no favors by eating ice cream, we prefer to cool down by working on our new Christmas book which is coming out on October 1st. OK, we admit, there might be an ice cream or two involved from time to time as well.

Christmas is the time of the year when we devote time to family and friends, appreciate everything we have, express gratitude, say thanks and reflect on things we are fortunate to have, but for most of us it’s also the time when we rack our brain trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for kids. Another pair of socks thick enough to warm up Rudolph's hooves sure is a lovely, thoughtful gift, and so are a ton of other Christmas gifts, but none of them come close to the sweet, funny, emotional and totally personalized "Merry Christmas, Jonas!" book.

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It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. And since it's been in our hearts for some time now, we're presenting you with an early Hooray Heroes' Christmas gift – a 20% discount for the most personalized children's Christmas book.

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Customizing options

The wise say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so that's why we haven't strayed from our trademark personalization process where you define the character by choosing the:
• gender,
• name,
• skin color,
• hair style,
• hair color,
• eye color,
• freckles and/or glasses (optional).

What's more, you will also define the content of the book by selecting 15 of the 30 charming, rhyming stories with a pleasant rhythm suitable for kids of all ages which we offer. Regardless of which 15 stories you decide to choose for your personalized children’s Christmas book, the true Christmas spirit will enhance every single page from the personalized book cover and dedication at the beginning to the outro story at the end. It'll be truly m-a-g-i-c-a-l!

Keeping Jonas company…

…are 30 characters – some of them as typical for Christmas as Saint Nick himself, and some of them as atypical as the Easter Bunny – each playing a special role in the most personalized Christmas book for kids. The characters will give children insights into Christmas manifestations and the true meaning of the Christmas spirit in the most child-friendly way.

Make yourself comfortable, here's a taste of our funny and easily understandable poems written especially for our personalized children's Christmas book by Adam Wallace, the New York Times bestselling author.

At Christmas it can get quite busy,
So much to do it makes you dizzy.
Trees to decorate, presents to wrap,
You have to sit on Santa’s lap.

There are Christmas cards to write and send,
People visit, but that is not the end.
Decorate the house, a finishing touch,
Sometimes it all feels like too much!

If you feel like this, close your eyes and then,
Take a deep breath, and count to ten.
It will help you stay calm, keep things loose,
That’s what I do. I’m a moose.

So Jonas, if you feel under the pump,
If you want to scream and shout and jump.
Don’t go crazy, don’t be a goose,
Stay calm. Deep breaths. Be a moose.

Mrs. Claus:
Every year, on Christmas Eve,
My Santa flies away.
Taking gifts to girls and boys,
Spreading joy along the way.

I miss Santa when he’s gone,
Do you miss people too?
If so, then Jonas, don’t despair,
There’s something you can do.

Let them know you miss them,
Let them know you care.
Let them know that when they’re gone,
You wish that they were there.

And that, Jonas, is why Christmas Day,
Is the greatest day, you see.
Because Christmas brings us all together,
And Santa’s home with me.

October 1st...

...may seem far away, but it might be here sooner than most parent's most anticipated parenting treat – a slept-through night. In less than two months, you'll be able to see what other characters from our new personalized Christmas book have to say regarding the most beautiful time of the year. A sample of such characters include the Piano, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future, the Arctic Wolf, the Christmas Stocking, and the Orca.

A personalized gift with no gift box? A real no-no!

Check out Jonas' priceless expression in the image above as he opens his gift box. The illustration is the epitome of Christmas spirit and how we want all the kids gifted with our personalized books to feel. Our gift boxes – including the special Christmas gift box whose Christmassy decorating is being finalized at the moment– double as a gift box and a fun, entertaining board game. In this particular case, you'll be Catching Santa. The game is meant for 2 to 4 players and motivates family and friends to create jingly jolly joys throughout the festive season. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is definitely laughing hard for all to hear. Laugh along!

Why don't you skip the shopping frenzy and do some fuss-free Christmas shopping in October? Our new personalized Christmas book for boys and girls "Merry Christmas, Jonas!" will be available from October 1st.