Special Edition with Poems

Personalized Book for Two TWIN Siblings with Poems
By Adam Wallace, NY Times Best-selling Author!

Our personalized book for two siblings has just been taken to a whole new level! Now it’s really twice the excitement, two times the fun and double the trou- … sorry, hang on. Double the tremendous cuteness because it is now available for TWINS! That’s right! Now you can personalize the appearances of TWINS and choose 15 fun, rhyming poems with twinsy twists all about how amazing your terrific two truly are!

What Makes this Special Edition … Special?

Glad you asked! Because the adventures your two heroes embark on unfold in the form of wonderful, inspirational, fun-to-read and more-fun-to-listen-to poems! Each original poem written by NY Times best-selling author Adam Wallace highlights what makes the two twin heroes of this beautifully-illustrated book the best siblings ever! Poems about how unstoppable they are! Poems about how much they love each other! And of course, poems about how proud of them you are.

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How do I Personalize this Book for Two?

Piece of cake! You can create this unique book for twins in 5 fun, easy steps:

  • 1First, choose the genders and enter the names of the twin heroes
  • 2Then simply click through our Twins-Edition options and choose the right skin tone, hair color and style, eye color and shape, and add glasses or freckles for each adventurer
  • 3Decide who will narrate – Mom or Dad
  • 4Flip through all the poems they can star in, choose 15 and arrange their order
  • 5Write your own dedication

And that’s it! A book for twins that is absolutely like no other! It’s a gift they’ll cherish for years to come!

Take a Sneak Peek!

Feast your eyes on how these twin-ified poems come to life and portray your two heroes as the perfect team you know they are! Here they are playing together in the rain:

Lily, Logan, it’s pouring with rain,
Everything is SO wet.
Let’s play a game, or draw, or read.
Oh, why do you look upset?

You want to go and play outside?
Both of you? Out in the rain?
That’s great! Because the raindrops are just like you,
They’re similar, but not the same.

And here they’re cleaning up with the help of some furry friends:

It makes me so happy to have two helpers
Who clean to give me a break.
But when I hear a tiger’s mighty roar,
I do a double take!

Twinning is winning when you help me out,
It’s a lovely thing to do.
Now finish up, let’s eat breakfast,
Then get everyone back to the zoo!

But That’s Not All!

Complete this perfect personalized gift for two with the perfect gift wrap for two! Our Gift Box for Two is the perfect way to gift this wonderful book starring two of the best twins you know. And like those kids, there’s nothing ordinary about this gift box! Like each of our original gift boxes, the Gift Box for Two doubles as both a dazzling gift wrap and a fun board game! In this game designed specifically for two, your two heroes will have to work together to win – we know they can do it!

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Progress of the characters

Our great illustrators have been hard at work at their drawing boards bringing our twin characters to life. What should the eyes look like? How big and how cute should they be? And what about all the different hair styles? It was a long way before we came up with the final versions you see now, but we loved every single step of it.

Did You Know?

One illustrator, two months and a team of terribly talented designers were needed to upgrade the illustrations of this book in order to make sure you see double! But as always, you’ll have the final say in how they’ll look in your book!

Our illustrator spent more than 1200 hours creating the many colorful and affectionate images of the book, more than a third of which were for the personalization options you use to personalize your heroes. For each page of the book there are more than 2.3 million possible combinations for the looks of the two main characters.

Isn't that fascinating?