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Silas's Guide for Mommy and Daddy

Babies are messy. But so is life. And so is parenting. So, Mommy and Daddy, let’s be a mess together! This useful AF (also funny) FIRST EVER personalized guide for parents – told from your baby’s perspective – will make you laugh at parenthood’s craziness and help you cherish all its sweetness. And yes, you’ll learn a thing or two as well. After all, a little tip can go a long way. Which 10 will you choose?

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Best New Baby Gift
The ultimate To: Mommy & Daddy, From: Baby gift – this guide will crack new parents up, give them surprisingly practical advice, and help them relive baby’s craziness long after diapers are outgrown.
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Our books for kids and their families have been personalized over 2.5 million times! Some readers laugh, some (most!) cry tears of joy – create yours now and let the emotions begin!
Personalized Family
Personalize the names and appearances of both parents (and baby!) to appear in hilarious, relatable scenes on every page – all to make a baby keepsake like you’ve never seen before!

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