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Stephen, You'll Always Be Our Little Boy

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Our little boy’s growing up so fast! But he’ll never outgrow our love. The bond shared by a family is always there, and “Stephen, You'll Always Be Our Little Boy” is all about the little moments that make it so strong. This personalized book is the first to include one child and BOTH of his parents – with ALL combinations possible. From riding bikes to saying goodnight, the family memories you make never fade away, and this book helps you cherish them forever.

0 - 99 years
No. of pages:
28 pages
12 in. x 8.5 in. landscape

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NEW! For the first time – one book including BOTH parents and their little one! All combinations are possible to create the most personalized keepsake EVER!
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Perfect for story time as a family! Now with a NEW feature: personalize how the kiddo calls their parents! From Momma to Daddy-O – it’s your call!

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