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When Samantha Grows Up - Daddy Edition

The Just Daddy 'n' Me edition is special, because you, Dad, are special! Special to us, but even more special to that little one you’re raising. This edition is 100% dedicated to just Dad and child. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a TV star or basketball player, a professor or poet, or maybe even an astronaut. Choose 10 stories for her, personalize her appearance and yours, and include a heartfelt dedication.

0 - 99 years
No. of pages:
28 pages
12 in. x 8.5 in. landscape

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For Kids and Their Dads
Both Dad and child will love the personalized illustrations and stories. And has Dad got something in his eye, or is he actually choked up?!
Best Gift Ever
Whether it’s for Dad or from Dad, this is the perfect gift any occasion! Available with FREE delivery!
Wow! So Many Choices!
Personalize the name and appearance of both Dad and child and choose 10 professions the little one might grow up to be!

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