Our Best-selling Personalized Book "When Emma Grows Up"
Now Available from Dad's Point of View

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Therefore, we have created a special and unique personalized children's book for those with everlasting bonds - dads and their little ones.

We may have put moms front and center in the past, but dads – you were in our minds all along. After having sold more than 500,000 "When Emma Grows Up" personalized children's books worldwide and receiving nearly the same number of questions like Michael's here: "I was trying to create a personalized book for me and my son, but how do I change to Dad and customize him? I only see how to customize Mom," we swiftly jumped on a mission to bring you “When Emma Grows Up – Daddy Edition" #daddyedition.

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As a team of attentive and creative souls, we are always striving to deliver our best and we wouldn't settle for anything less than the equivalents of overwhelming comments from moms, such as: "[My son and daughter] were mesmerized, and over the course of a day, they must have asked me at least half a dozen times to read their stories. It melted my heart!"

What’s new?

The whole creative process has therefore indeed been a wild ride. Are you up for a short tour of how we adapted the personalized children's book for dads and their little ones? Then buckle up! To begin with, all texts had to be switched to dad mode. You know how dads are – tough on the outside and gentle on the inside, and most importantly they tell things, well, differently than moms do. The most frequently pondered question was whether or not certain lines were something dads would say. And who better to ask than the author himself, who is also a dad to a 7-year-old girl? And of course, he had the help of a few other Hooray Heroes too. Reading, rereading, correcting, swapping words and rhymes, changing the word order and bam, it was a wrap.

Nope, unfortunately not a chicken wrap and certainly not an overall personalized-children's-book-Daddy-Edition wrap. Dad's version of the book wouldn't exactly make sense without dad’s portrayal, would it? Check out the illustrations below to see how the shape of dad’s face and his hair styles and colors, complete with facial hair – to name just a few of his features – came to life.

If you thought we didn't think of dad’s clothes, footwear, the look in his eyes and his overall quirkiness, well, you thought wrong. Just wait until you see for yourself!

The best features in our best-selling personalized children's book
still remain the best!

So, you will still be able to:
• choose the name, gender and appearance of your child
• choose the name and appearance of dad
• choose your 10 favorite stories to create the content of the book
• choose a personal dedication or write one yourself

Dads, moms, family members and friends, our meticulously customized family book ''When Jacob Grows Up – Daddy Edition'' is available NOW, and if you haven't thought about it, let us give you a hint ... it sure makes a wonderful gift for boys and girls, or for the whole family, to be completely honest!

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