Our new personalized book for siblings
"The adventures of Jacob and Emma"
is here

Because you wanted it, it’s finally here ...
after more than 15 months of hard but fun work!

With the worldwide success of “When Jacob Grows Up” came a lot of wonderful comments from you – our dear readers. “This book is so beautiful I choke up every time I start to read it” is the most common review from our customers. But lots of you were asking us if you could include the little hero’s brother or sister in the book. You talked. We listened. That's why we will be launching a unique personalized book made especially for siblings! How exciting is that?

What is so special about this book?

Well, besides the fact that this is probably the most beautiful personalized book for siblings of all time (of course!), we have more good news. To make it even more personal, you will be able to:

• choose the name, gender and look of the older child

• choose the name, gender and look of the younger child

• choose your 15 favorite stories out of 24 that the two experiences together

• determine who takes over the narrative role: mom or dad

• choose your personal dedication or write one by yourself

Progress of the characters

Our great illustrators have worked feverishly on their drawing boards to bring the characters to life. What would the eyes look like? How big and how cute should they be? And what about all the different hair styles? It was a long way before coming up with the final version but we are loving every single step of it.

Did you know?

15 months of sweat and passion were needed to create this book – from the first idea to the final realization – and not a single moment was boring.

The book has been developed by more than 25 different creative minds who have always eaten healthy food (and sometimes pizza).

Our illustrator has spent more than 1200 hours creating many colorful and affectionate images of the book, more than a third of them for the personalization options you use to create your hero in the end. For each page of the book there are more than 2.3 million possible combinations for the look of the two main characters.

Isn't that fascinating?