The SUPER7 Club from Hooray Heroes has returned for Back-To-School!

What’s Super7?

Besides being the coolest personalized kids’ book club, it gets you some amazing perks!

Being in our Super 7 Club means you can:

  • Have access to AMAZING DISCOUNTS as you level-up,
    • Sidekick (1st timers that downloaded our coloring books/printables)
    • Hero (personalized 1 book)
    • Superhero (personalized 2+ books)
  • Get email reminders 7 weeks before back-to-school, Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s and Father’s Day,
  • AVOID THE RUSH of the year’s biggest shopping seasons,
  • Plenty of time for FREE DELIVERY ,
  • Get EXCLUSIVE SURPRISES throughout the year!
  • Receive your books WELL IN ADVANCE of the gift-giving occasion,
  • And being a part of it is totally FREE of charge!

Want in? 

 Create a book for your kiddo and you’re automatically in! Or download one of our free printables!

Make school time more fun with our personalized stickers and timetable!

Personalize your little one, download, and print!  That’s it!  A super cute and fun way to get into the school-year swing!

PLUS you’ll automatically be entered into our Super7 club!

Download your printables today, and save save save the rest of the year!!