From High School Sweethearts to Happy Parents!

In this day and age, the stories of how people met and fell in love are so diverse.  Some meet in a library, while some make their match through mutual friends.  But one story that you don’t hear very often is that of the high-school sweethearts.  Sometimes it’s just puppy-love, but sometimes, and rarely at that, it blossoms into something meant to last a lifetime.  That’s exactly the case of Tara and her husband, James.

Ups and Downs

Tara and James had been trying to start a family since they got married in 2010.  And hardly anything seemed to work.  Try as they might, it just never worked out for them.  Then in 2016, the opportunity to adopt arose, and they seized their chance.  Enter Paris, their lovely little girl!

Enter the Daddies Crying Video

This Spring, Tara saw our video of dads losing it on Facebook.  She knew immediately that she had to get our When Paris Grows Up – Daddy Edition for her husband for Father’s Day.  She loved how our books not only let you personalize the characters’ names, but also customize their appearances.  To her, it made the book all the more special that they could see themselves in it, not just read a name or two.

When James opened it with Paris, Tara knew he’d like it, but she didn’t expect that reaction.  She was snapping a few photos, but when she saw the writing on the wall, with a deft flick of the finger, she started filming his reaction.  And we couldn’t be happier for them! 

Books really do bring us together, and we’re so thrilled to have helped in our own small way to cultivate the relationship between Tara, James, and Paris.