Books that will make you cry (the good way!) Mom can’t even make it through the first page!

If it made super mommy blogger Shannon Kayleen tear up, do you really think her husband Josh could make it through his daddy edition?

Literature has a unique ability to transport us somewhere else, another era, adifferent time; it gives us the ability to place ourselves in the minds of the characters we are reading. Everyone can remember thinking, “Man, I’m so like so-and-so” from this novel or short story. It’s not a big leap, then, when we get videos like these of a father being surprised to see himself and his kids in one of our books. They’ve become the main threads in the fabric of the stories they’re reading and seeing.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Josh, her husband had no idea what was in store for him when his lovely wife, Shannon, got him “When Ryker Grows Up – Daddy Edition”. We counted at least three times she had to fight back the tears just explaining the book to her audience, so it comes as no surprise that Josh almost loses it while reading this book to his son. Poor Josh.

Did Someone Say “Personal”?

You see, almost everything about these books is personalized. Shannon chose how her son looked, how Josh looked, she picked the stories based on what her son, Ryker, is in to, and wrote a dedication to celebrate the bond they share with each other. The cards were stacked against poor Josh. He didn’t stand a chance.

Raison d’Être

We love getting these videos. It’s true, we make personalized children’s books, but these videos remind us every day of why we make them. Those tears are the manifestation of the deep-seated love parents have towards their children. We’re so happy, and so humbled, to be able to help you all share these feelings.