Are you looking for an exceptionally magical gift for your little one this Christmas?

Then don’t overthink it – give the gift of magic! Don’t miss out on this superlimited-edition chance to amaze your child with their own:

✔️ Personalized ✔️ Glow-in-the-dark ✔️ Christmas book!

With most books, the adventure ends when the lights go out, but with this super-special Glow in the Dark Edition of “Merry Christmas, Lucy” that’s when the magic happens! For that’s when a cast of adorable Hollies takes your child on a truly illuminating search for the Christmas Secret! The whole family will enjoy watching the pages come to life as the magical flashlight reveals hidden characters, messages and more!

Limited edition!

And that’s not all! A super-exclusive gift like this deserves nothing less than its own super-exclusive gift wrap. That’s why this book comes wrapped up like no other personalized book EVER before – in a beautiful, hand-crafted, wooden chest!

But supplies are limited! Only 1,000 will be made this year!

Special Delivery for a Special Gift!

Our Holly Crew will personally see to it that each of these magical packages is not only flawless but also safely delivered directly into your hands. Order now and expect your package by December 16. Well ahead of the holiday rush!

And if you thought these sneaky little Hollies could be contained to every page of this book, you clearly haven’t met these Hollies! Three of them will sneak themselves into every box!

This incredible gift comes with everything you need to dim the lights and let the adventure begin:

  1. A one-of-a-kind glow in the dark book personalized by you
  2. A hand-crafted wooden gift box
  3. The UV flashlight you’ll need to see the hidden text and illustrations (battery included)
  4. 3 plush Hollies
  5. Illustrated instructions

And of course, rest assured that this product is fully certified and 100% child safe. The only danger it presents is making every other gift pale in comparison!