Diary of Silas New book

The Best And Spiciest Gift For New Parents

Is someone you know expecting a baby? Or has someone just welcomed their perfect little bundle of joy into their life, and you’re not sure what to give them as a present? Look no further – you have found the perfect gift! And it’s not just another baby onesie the baby will poop on – it’s The Diary of Silas.

Diary of SIlas, Hooray Heroes
Looks familiar?

So why is this a better present for parents than anything else?

1. Like all of our books, it’s personalized

For starters, It’s a personalized diary written by their baby with their names and their baby’s name in it. And you can personalize what the baby calls them, too. It can be Mommy, Mama, Papa, whatever you want. And you get to choose 10 diary entries that all describe common events in a baby’s life, such as having their diaper changed, being spoon-fed and being driven around.

2. No sugar coating involved

Numero dos – it’s relatable AF (also funny) and brutally honest. Everyone tells you having a baby is magical and wonderful, but not many mention how difficult it really is. This book does not sugar coat anything; it’s unfiltered real life. Because everyone struggles at times. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what some fellow parents have to go through.

3. Control the level of spiciness 🌶

Last but not least, it’s spicy and you get to choose just how spicy you want it. Choose from one, two or three chili peppers. The more chili peppers, the more suggestive the content. Mind you, it’s never rude or crude; it’s just to lighten the mood and hold the attention of exhausted new parents. And get them to laugh. So this present is certainly for the parents and not their baby – but hey, they deserve it!

Diary of Silas - New book written from a baby's point of view