WOW™ – Like A Gift Card, But Better

Don’t just give that special someone a Hooray Heroes gift – WOW them.

What is WOW™ e-gift card experience?

WOW™ from Hooray Heroes lets you instantly present a personalized book to your special someone. Simply create the book and the e-gift card and you’re ready to present your gift – via e-mail or in person. The WOW™ e-gift card also includes your video dedication and lets your special someone co-create their book.

With the click of a button, they send their book to print, and its final delivery is guaranteed to be quite the emotional encore.


1. CREATE a personalized book and add the WOW™ e-gift card

You name and create the appearance of the book’s characters, write your dedication, and choose 5 of the book’s 10 stories. You also create your own avatar that greets your special someone in your WOW™ e-gift card. Last but certainly not least comes your video dedication in which you share what inspired your thoughtful gift. This all sets the stage for when you…

2. REVEAL your gift and let your special someone co-create it

Within minutes of completing Step 1, you can share your personalized WOW™ e-gift card with your special someone. This treats the lucky audience to your avatar presenting your gift. Their “How did you do this!?” will be followed by your video dedication that’s sure to leave them speechless. Only now, with the mood properly set, do they preview the personalized book they’ll soon get to read. And as if it weren’t personal enough – they co-create their book by choosing the final 5 stories that complete it! All this will have them eagerly anticipating their…

3. SURPRISE with the delivery of their personalized book

Your WOW™ e-gift card showed your special someone that you’ve created a book just for them. They’re wondering how the stories they chose will look and are dying to know what personal touches you’ve given it like other stories, characters, the dedication, and addons. Finally, the doorbell rings and there it is. Tissues sold separately.

Anyone can give a gift, but only you know how to WOW™ someone!

Hooray Heroes bestselling personalized books are now available with a FREE WOW™ upgrade. This special feature is available with: