WOW Your Valentine With WOW!

A Personalized E-Card from Hooray Heroes

It’s the thought that counts, right? Taking the time to find something personal, something meaningful, something moving for the one you love. Sometimes that task seems daunting, darn near impossible, but with WOW, our incredible personalized E-Gift Card, you’ll have a gift as personal, as meaningful, as moving as you could possibly want!

WOW! That sounds awesome! But what is it?

WOW is a brand-new feature we came up with to take personalization to a whole new level. It allows you to create an immersive, personalized gift-giving experience with some of our bestselling personalized books:

After you choose the first 5 stories, you’ll create your own personalized gift-giver avatar, choose the first 5 stories, record your own video dedication, and, when the big reveal arrives, the recipient gets to choose the final 5 stories of their book!

This is so cool, but I’m running really late! Am I out of luck?

Absolutely, positively NOT!! WOW is fantastic in that, in just minutes, you can create the WOW experience and present it to you special someone on that very day! As the gift-getter chooses the final 5 stories and sends the book to print, the co-creation process and WOW experience will only heighten their excitement of receiving their personalized book!