All I Want For Christmas Is My Own Personalized Children’s Book! But Which One??

This holiday season, Hooray Heroes is going all-in for Christmas and bringing you the best selection of personalized Christmas books for your little ones!

How are our Christmas books similar?

Like all our other books, the whole range of Christmas books feature our incomparable personalization options, with over 5 million different configurations possible.  As always, you also choose the book’s content by choosing 10 incredibly cute Christmas wishes, all told by an eclectic cast of characters. Last, but certainly not least, we make sure you can add an even more personal touch by leaving a space for you to write a personal dedication that’ll appear on the first page of the book.

So which edition is perfect for you and your family?

Merry Christmas, Lucas/Sophia! – $39.00 + shipping

Our original Christmas book!  Made specifically for one kiddo, this book might be the cutest thing this side of the North Pole (after your bundle of joy, of course)!  Packed with Christmas cheer and festive fun, it’s a wonderful gift for one kiddo for Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Grace and David! – Siblings Edition – $39.00 + shipping

Our Christmas book, but for two kiddos! They’ll share in some epic Christmas adventures all the while learning a thing or two about the reason for the season!

What makes this edition unique?

  • Christmas wishes configured for two kiddos
  • Personalization of both the older and younger siblings

Merry Christmas, Kayla/Ethan – Deluxe Edition – $54 + shipping

The Deluxe Edition is kinda like “Merry Christmas, Lucas/Sophia” dressed up for a Winter Formal Dance.  Think of it like a book wearing a tuxedo or an evening gown, or wearing a tiara, or having a monocle. It’s bright.  It’s shiny. It’s embossed. It’s deluxe!

   What makes this edition unique?

  • A Shiny, Deluxe cover with embossed text
  • Choose 15 Christmas wishes (5 more!)
  • Christmas giftbox that doubles as a family-friendly board game FOR FREE!

Merry Christmas, Grace/Gabriel – Special Glow-in-the-Dark Limited Edition$99 including shipping

It’s a Christmas BUNDLE that’s the first of its kind! A personalized children’s book that GLOWS IN THE DARK! It’s also packed with tons of extras that come along with this incredible first in the world of personalized kids’ books! But we only made 1000 of them, so create one before they run out!

What makes this edition unique?

  • Glow-in-the-Dark accents and hidden messages on every page
  • UV flashlight (including batteries) to illuminate the book and a secret Christmas message
  • Choose 15 Christmas wishes (5 more!)
  • 3 incredibly cute plush toys, the Hollies
  • A hand-crafted wooden gift box
  • Free delivery before Christmas while supplies last

There you go, everyone! Find the edition that fits you and your family the best! And from all of us at Hooray Heroes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!