Books for boys

When Jacob Grows Up

0 - 99 years

Will he be a pilot or maybe a poet? Will he be a vet or even the president? To read is to dream. And as you know - dreams do come true if you just try hard enough. Get ready for the most personalized children’s book that will have your little one eagerly turning each page as he imagines a fun future for himself. More than 500,000 copies sold worldwide!

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Merry Christmas, Mason

0 - 12 years

Let your little one unwrap the most magical Christmas book there is this side of the North Pole! In it, a cast of Christmas characters takes your child on a holly, jolly journey through a true winter wonderland. Each festive scene comes alive with child-friendly rhymes that remind us of the spirit of the season and show your child why they're so special. Customize the hero's appearance and choose which 10 heartwarming stories they star in, and – like every snowflake – your book will be truly one of a kind!

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