Frequently asked questions

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Oh no! Did something go wrong while you were trying to order one of our Hooray Heroes books? Or maybe you’re not sure about how to choose the best or most suitable book for your little one? Please know that we’re here for you and will gladly help you with anything that you may need.

We’re here for you via our e-mail address:

Would you rather talk to us on the phone? Give us a call every week day from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (EST), go on.


If you don’t feel like emailing us, please click on the category below that interests you the most. We are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

What can we help you with?

Help with payment and delivery

How can I pay?
We want our order process to be as safe and comfortable as possible, so we have provided a couple of payment methods for you to choose from. You can pay immediately with your credit card or via a PayPal account. A certain payment method may be unavailable at times. You can rest assured we’re always on top of things, but are also equally happy to hear from you. So let us know if anything disrupts your ordering process so we can address the issue immediately.
How fast will I receive the package?
After completing the order and successfully paying, you’ll wait a quick 21 working days at most for our book to get to you. You have four different delivery options to choose from. The UPS Mail Innovations delivery / USPS one takes your book up to 21 working days to reach your delivery address. No additional payment is required. Yes, it’s free. Happy days! With UPS Ground Residential and FedEx delivery, the book will get to you in 12 working days or less. With UPS Air delivery, you will receive your book within 6 working days. Your book can also get to you within 5 working days if you choose Air Deluxe delivery. Please note that deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may take longer than the delivery times stated above.
Who will deliver my package?
Our delivery bunnies will don a UPS uniform when delivering your personalized children’s book. We'll let you know when they leave the printing house and also notify you about the estimated delivery time.
What happens if I'm not home during delivery?
We advise that you are at the delivery address at the estimated delivery time. When placing the order, you can also add your work address where our bunnies can find you. If you chose UPS Ground Residential/FedEx, UPS Air or UPS Air Deluxe and are not reachable at the time of delivery, someone with a valid ID (driver’s license) can accept the package on your behalf. If there is no one to accept the package and if your mailbox is too small for it, our delivery bunnies will leave it in a secure spot that is out of sight and safe from the weather.
Can I pick up the book personally?
Unfortunately, no. Our bunnies are an eager bunch of woodland critters. So you can relax and wait for your personalized children’s book to arrive at your delivery address with a cup of hot cocoa and some cookies. Or with a glass of chilled lemonade if you’re reading this during the summer. Some of you will be able to pick up the book personally in UPS Customer Care center. This depends if UPS Customer Care center is available in your area.
Here is a link to UPS Customer Care centers.