Personalized Greeting Card

Baby Shower Card

Create an adorable baby shower surprise! Personalize the baby as you predict they might look and then label their features. Will they get Mommy’s eyes? Papa’s booty? You decide! One thing is for sure: they’ll make for the cutest baby shower card ever!

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Perfect Baby Card
From baby showers to gender reveals to the baby’s birth, this personalized card is perfect for all baby celebrations! Printed with your personalized message inside!
Guess Baby’s Looks
No idea how Baby will look? No problem! We make the unknown fun by letting you guess Baby’s features and label them for Mommy and Daddy.
Personalized Keepsake
Personalized with baby’s name and both parents, the new family will cherish this baby showers card and your thoughtful wishes long after diapers are outgrown.

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