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When Emma Grows Up - Mommy Edition

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The Just Mommy 'n' Me edition is special, because you, Mom, are special and not just on Mother's Day! Special to us, but even more special to that little one you’re raising. This edition is 100% dedicated to just Mom and baby. It's time to dream! Maybe she’ll grow up to be a pilot or park ranger, a painter or poet, or maybe even the president. Choose 10 stories for her, personalize her appearance and yours, and include a heartfelt dedication to make the perfect gift for Mommy and baby.

0 - 99 years
No. of pages:
28 pages
12 in. x 8.5 in. landscape
Price from:
$49.00 $47.00

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Made just for Tots and their Moms
This personalized gem is not just for baby, it's for their mommies too. They just might shed a tear or two.
Best Gift Ever
You can stop overthinking it and just make the best kid you know and their mommy as happy as they deserve to be!
Wow! So Many Combinations
Blond or brown? Blue or green? Poet or firefighter? Choose the stories, write a personal dedication... So many great choices.

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