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Happy Daddy Day

A Family gift

Perfect gift idea for Daddy from Mommy and kiddo!

Vibrant, personalized illustrations of the whole family.

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The best gift for Daddy from Mommy and kiddo to give this year! This personalized book starts with Mom telling Daddy how amazing he is before kiddo takes over and shares 10 (or 15!) reasons why Daddy is a hero. Just like in real life, Dad looks awesome throughout the book, and there’s even a cute DIY page at the end! So go on, create yours – Daddy's guaranteed to love it!

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Best Father's Day Gift
Perfect gift for Mom & kiddo to give Daddy! It has a sweet intro from Mom, cute poems from kiddo about why Daddy is a hero, and amazing personalized illustrations!
High-Quality Product
Made by dedicated artists and printed on high-end materials, our books look as good as they make you feel. Customer reviews and photos say it all!
Little Page of Happiness
Give this DIY book a real hand-made feel by adding a picture for Daddy or handprints or more on the last page. Do it beforehand or let Daddy join in the fun!

Create the best personalized book!