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The Fun-tastic 4


If you’ve always wanted a personalized book for 4 kids, here are 4 reasons this is the best Christmas gift for your children: 1. It’s perfect for any group of 4, whether they’re friends, cousins, or siblings. 2. You get to use our Hero Palette™ personalizer to create your kids in amazing detail. 3. It’s full of fun, imaginative stories kids of all ages will love. 4. Being all about their fantastic bond, this book makes for a wonderful keepsake. So what are you waiting for – get personalizing!

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Our stories and illustrations of bonding and love have been personalized the whole world over! Let your kids join in the fun!
Perfect Book for 4 Kiddos
This book is perfect for 4 kids of any age or relation - so whether they're siblings, cousins, or friends, it's a winning story time gift!
Best Christmas Gift
Your kids’ faces will light up when they discover the magic of seeing themselves in their own book. Plus there’s 2 festive stories to include!

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