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The Fun-tastic 5


If you’ve always wanted a personalized book for 5 kids, here are 5 reasons this is the best gift for your children: 1. It’s perfect for any group of 5, whether they’re friends, cousins, or siblings. 2. You get to use our Hero Palette™ personalizer to create your kids in amazing detail. 3. It’s full of fun, imaginative stories kids of all ages will love. 4. You include a dedication to commemorate this time in their lives. 5. Being all about their fantastic bond, this book makes for a wonderful keepsake. So what are you waiting for – get personalizing!

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Over 3 Million Books Sold
Our books for kids and their families have been personalized over 3 million times! Some readers laugh, some (most!) cry tears of joy – create yours now and let the emotions begin!
Perfect Book for 5 Kiddos
This book is perfect for 5 kids of any age or relation - so whether they're siblings, cousins, or friends, it's a winning story time gift!
Best Sibling Gift
Your kids’ faces will light up when they discover the magic of seeing themselves in their own book.

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