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Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

0 - 8 years

Hooray! You did it! You found the perfect personalized milestone book to celebrate and commemorate each of your child’s exciting firsts! The fun-to-read poems by New York Times best-selling author Adam Wallace depict these exciting and emotional moments in a style the whole family will enjoy. “Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!” takes personalizing to a whole new level by letting you choose 1 of 5 unique sidekicks to help your little hero pass each new milestone in style! This is a book to enjoy and cherish now and for all the milestones still to come!

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Merry Christmas, Grace

3 - 12 years

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, so it deserves the most magical gift! This year, make magic happen with the limited-edition glow-in-the-dark “Merry Christmas, Grace!” And it’s not just a book – it’s a magical BUNDLE! It includes: ❶ A personalized, glow-in-the-dark book ❷ The magical flashlight ❸A hand-crafted, wooden chest ❹ Three plush hollies ❺ Free Delivery! Only 1,000 will be made this year, so order yours before it’s too late!

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Merry Christmas, Kayla - Deluxe Edition

0 - 12 years

Our personalized children’s Christmas book just got even more magical – and just in time for the holiday season! The festive silver foil on the cover of this Deluxe Edition will make your child’s name shine extra bright in the Christmas lights. You can also look forward to more time spent cuddled up reading it, as you can add 5 additional personalized Christmas poems. And the joy doesn’t stop there! Add our Christmas-themed board game gift box for FREE and let the festive fun begin. Complete with a personalized message from author Adam Wallace and a unique serial number, this is one glorious gift to give!

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Merry Christmas, Grace and Holly

0 - 12 years

All you want for Christmas is TWO! A personalized Christmas book you can put TWO siblings into! And now that wish has come true! So without any further ado, we proudly present “Merry Christmas, Holly and Grace” to you! Woo-hoo! This personalized children’s Christmas book is now double the festive fun as it stars two siblings across 10 child-friendly poems you choose! What are you waiting for? They’ve made your nice list, so make them a book they’ll enjoy together for many Christmases to come!

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When Theo Grows Up - Daddy Edition

0 - 99 years

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy. Dads are tough and expect the best of their kids, but dads are also dreamers. In the Daddy Edition of the best-selling When Jacob Grows Up, Dad gets to imagine his son or daughter as a police officer, TV star, doctor and more! There’s even a superhero! All of which are inspired by Dad himself, of course. This means Dad’s joy, Dad’s love, Dad’s jokes… Choose the stories and personalize both the child and their daddy!

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The Adventures of Ethan and Ava

0 - 12 years

Special Edition! One book in which two siblings embark on adventures in the form of poems! Poems read by Mom. Poems read by Dad. Poems about older sisters and younger brothers and any other combinations you can think of! Having a sibling means having a companion, a partner, and a co-adventurer, and this Special Edition of “The Adventures of Ethan and Ava” puts your inseparable pair into a world of rhythm and rhyme. Whether it’s baking cookies, climbing trees, jumping in puddles or any of the adventures you choose, it’ll be rhymes for bedtime, rhymes for downtime, rhymes for bonding time – rhymes for any time!

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