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Hooray, Chloe! You Did It!

Hooray! Hooray! You did it! You found the perfect personalized milestone book to celebrate and commemorate each of your child’s exciting firsts! The fun-to-read poems by New York Times best-selling author Adam Wallace depict these exciting and emotional moments in a style the whole family will enjoy. “Hooray, Chloe! You Did It!” takes personalizing to a whole new level by letting you choose 1 of 5 unique sidekicks to help your little hero pass each new milestone in style! This is a book to enjoy and cherish now and for all the milestones still to come!

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Memories of Milestones
Celebrate and remember your child’s exciting journey of firsts in style! Fun rhymes and vivid illustrations make these milestones marvelous!
Super Sidekicks
Where would a hero be without their trusty sidekick? Choose one of our fantastic FIVE sidekicks to join your hero on their journey of firsts!
Powerful Personalization
Personalize the looks and name of your hero. Choose their sidekick. Pick 10 of the 20 milestones available. No two books are alike! Hooray!

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