Kids have a way of saying unexpected things at the most random moments…

In this episode of “We asked, you answered”, we’ll go over your Reddit responses to the topic we put to Redditors: tell us when your kids have said unexpected/enlightened things out of the blue. This has definitely happened to the parents here in our office, but we were curious whether this phenomenon has ever happened to you as well, and how on earth did you respond to what they said.

1. No filter

We were struggling to figure out a proper comeback to this one as well. One of the greatest things about kids is that they have no filter. But this savage response got us thinking if that really is a quality that deserves praise, or something else…

2. We’re not crying, you’re crying

Almighty-Twuntwaffle, please give your little one a massive hug for us as well. This is just too sweet and innocent, and it came just when it was needed the most!

3. Privacy is a privilege that needs to be earned

We’re very familiar with this one. Circumstances like the one youhearditfirst described below actually inspired our new book – Diary of Silas, coming out this August. It’s all about the true side of parenting where no detail is left out.

So, there you have it. A few of our favourite responses we received on Reddit. If you’re curious for more or would like to share a story of your own, don’t shy away from giving us a follow. Also, click the button below if you’d like to sign up and receive an exclusive discount on our new book, Diary of Silas.

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