Best Valentine’s Day Gift for parents? You Betcha!

Remember that Valentine’s card you got last year, or the flowers, or how about the chocolates, or that stuffed animal?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  

Time to step up your Valentine’s Day Game

On the day you want to celebrate your significant other, give them something that’s truly personal, something that’s truly touching, something that’s truly about them: a PERSONALIZED BOOK where baby and mommy or daddy are the main heroes!  And did we mention the happy tears? Oh yeah, there’ll be happy tears. 

Personalized books for mommy or daddy and their little ones

Sweep dad off his feet

Ladies, you wanna turn your guy into a blubbering hunk of a man?  Have him try to make it through the first page of “When Samuel Grows Up – Daddy Edition” without tearing up.  10/1 the voice will waiver, the eyes will start to glisten, then those tears will start to fall. Have you seen our videos??  Those are real dads doing their dad-thing all day, every day, and it can bring even the strongest of them to tears.  

Knock mommy’s socks off

And fellas, imagine how her face will light up when she opens “When Tonya Grows Up – Mommy Edition” and sees herself and her little boy or girl on each page, wondering what they’ll be when they’re all grown up.  Guys, this is a sure-fire way to win Valentine’s.  

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  Create something that is well and truly heart melting, sweeter than chocolate, and as personal as it comes!