Hooray Heroes Christmas Album!

We’re so grateful to each and every one of our customers, so this Christmas we got you a present! 

Introducing our Hooray Heroes Christmas Album, recorded, mixed, and produced just by us, your holiday Hooray Heroes ladybugs!  You can listen to the songs here or stream them on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Hooray! It’s Christmas Time

A song to help you usher in the holiday spirit and not a moment too soon!

Lyrics: “it’s a Christmas party, especially for you. Especially for you!”

It’s Finally December!

Some of us wait all year just for December.  Pull out the comfy sweaters, hot cocoa, and sing!

Lyrics: “It’s finally December, the greatest time of year!”

First Snow

As each snowflake is unique, this song celebrates how all of our differences bind us together!

Lyrics “The first snow, the first snow, we know there’s no one else just like you.”


We All remember getting a stocking cap and scarf, carrot and stones, and making a snowman!

Lyrics “A hat and a scarf, give me style, give me grace, Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Boy, oh Boy!

We love presents for Christmas, but  during the holidays, the greatest gifts are our loved ones!

Lyrics “My family is gathered round. I love them and they love me; this is the greatest gift I’ve found!”

2020, Here We Come!

After Christmas, usher in the New Year to joy and cheer and peace a love for all!

Lyrics ” Spreading love and being kind, All year round, I think we’ll find, How good it is will blow our minds”


to download the .ZIP file that contains the entire album!

Music: Tomaz Trop, Lyrics: Adam Wallace, Vocals: Urska Majdic – UMA

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