Best Dad Gift for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it: dads are hard to shop for.  There are only so many things that could make the perfect gift, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Another tie? Stuff for the grill? Cologne? Nah, that’s so 2010’s.

Get personal this year!

And we’re not talking about just a card.  No, something way better than that. A personalized book!  One that has him and his little boy or girl as the main characters!  Trust us, it’ll be a gift he’ll never forget.

Win this Valentine’s Day

Yeah, we know, we’ve heard it a thousand times already. “My man just isn’t a big crier.  Y’all’s book isn’t gonna work on him.” We hear ya. But check out this video right here. These tears you’re seeing, they’re real.  So give him something that you can’t put a pricetag on this Valentine’s Day. Give him TheFeels.