Free Birthday Cards

Every birthday is special, but make this one the MOST SPECIALEST BIRTHDAY EVER with these amazing FREE Birthday Cards!

They’re so cute right?! And you might be asking how to get one yourself? Easy! Just fill out the form below with your contact details and we’ll send them to the provided email address.

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A pair of hands holding up two personalized birthday cards from Hooray Heroes

Want to take it even a step further?

Now that you’ve secured your free birthday cards, we have a perfect gift to accompany them. You guessed it – a bestselling personalized birthday book.
 Like all of our books, you name the main hero and create their appearance by choosing their skin tone, hair color and style, eye color and shape and add glasses or freckles – all inspired by the birthday boy or girl, of course!

A true birthday fun between two covers sure to inspire smiles for years to come.

Two little girls sitting on the bed reading their own personalized birthday book from Hooray Heroes

It doesn’t stop there

We have one last (birthday) surprise up our sleeves for you to make this birthday party the best one ever! And it is more birthday freebies. Hooray! From free personalized birthday invitations to birthday party name tags, hats and stickers, you can check them all out HERE.