A little girl holding the personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

How to Throw the Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ever

The season of Birthday parties is upon us!

Personalized Birthday books are excellent for kids, to be offered for Birthday parties.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to know how to entertain the little ones.

Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you throw a birthday party your kid will never forget!

1. Choose the Perfect Spot

Location, location, location! If you can’t host the party at home, make sure to book an appropriate spot early enough. You may want to check if your day care center or the local community room is renting out.

Make sure the space is child-friendly and safe. If you’re having the party outside, plan for potential summer showers.

2. Make it Pretty

Be it your house or the nearby park, make sure to decorate it properly. There are millions of DIY birthday decorations for kids that you can adapt according to your kid’s favorite color, cartoon, book, etc. Ask your little party planner to help you make the decorations. Have fun!

3. Start with a Fun Invitation

Get kids excited about what’s coming. If you want to impress, go with a personalized birthday invitation that you can print at home. Make sure you ask for an RSVP.

Personalized kids birthday party invitation with animals.

You will want to know how many little rascals are showing up so you can plan for food and drinks!

4. You need accessories!

Make the kids remember the day. Buy face painting kits and let them be Spidermen, princesses, and tigers for a day. Don’t forget to get birthday hats, name tags, and stickers, preferably ones that kids can color themselves.

DIY kids birthday party accessories.

5. Buy Cheap!

You don’t want to be running around, worrying about your new plates breaking or a white tablecloth getting covered in chocolate cake. Buy single-use and relax. Invite the parents that drop off their kids for a drink.

Adults and kids having fun at a kids outdoor birthday party.
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Use paper party accessories that will make the clean-up afterward easier and won’t harm the planet.

6. Plan for activities

You’ll want to organize something that will keep the kids occupied. Coloring pages are a great idea, especially personalized ones that let the birthday boy or girl be the star of the day.

Personalized kids happy birthday coloring pages.

Collect kids’ designs at the end and make a scrapbook for your kid to receive alongside the gift.

TIP: Make sure there’s an adult at every activity station of the party in case kids need help. Offer glitter pens and stickers to double the coloring fun! And before the party, include the kids in the food preparations.

7. Music

What’s a party without music? Plan for an age-appropriate soundtrack to the kiddie fiesta. Spotify offers cute playlists that will make your kids groove. Let the rhythm get them!

8. Organize a Group Gift

Give your kid something that will age well. A book of birthday wishes, like the personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes, is a great keepsake for a child to grow up with.

If you get it signed by everybody at the party – even better! The birthday boy or girl will have a great souvenir of their amazing birthday party forever.

Check out which celebrities already gave a personalized book to their kids HERE!

TIP: Create a gift that epitomizes the bond that your kid and their friends share. Check out the personalized book for up to 5 kids.

9. Party Favors!

Kids love to take things home. Also, a good party favor is the single best piece of home decor, reminding you of a great day you spent. Make sure to offer cute and fun party favors kids can actually use.

Personalized week planners and name tags by Hooray Heroes.

If you have some extra time, personalize the guests before the party and offer them personalized name tags, week planners or coloring pages to take home.

Throw in a birthday cake and a few board games and you have it – the happiest of birthdays for your kiddo!

Do you have the perfect idea for a personalized party favor?