Hooray Heroes Personalized Books For Up To 5 Siblings!

From the creators of the bestselling personalized books for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day come amazing new books for 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 little rascals!

A personalized book for 2 or 3 kids, entitled: The Dream Team!

Have you been dreaming of an adorable keepsake to celebrate your kiddos? Well, your dreams have come true! Our newest book epitomizes the incredible bond your little ones have shared since the first time that they met.

What makes this an awesome book? We’re glad you asked.

1. It’s Incredibly Fun!

Kids’ imaginations never cease to inspire us. That’s why we made a book that takes children on an amazing hunt through the fantastic, imaginary, legendary worlds they’ve always been dreaming of, like: a tropical rainforest! Candyland! Brick World! The Wild West! And many, many other fun places that will reflect and inspire your little ones’ creativity.

Teddy Bear Forest illustration from the new personalized book for siblings.
Candyland illustration from the new personalized book for siblings.
Shogun World illustration from the new personalized book for siblings.
Triassic World illustration from the new personalized book for siblings.

2. It’s Super Emotional!

Our books are well known for making people cry (Want proof? See below!). This one is no different. If you’re a parent – get those Kleenex ready. Every exciting page of this book also demonstrates how your kids help each other grow in ways they never could on their own. It’s a surprisingly emotional ride!

NOTE: Is your kid an only child? Do they have a best friend from (pre)school? Is that friend a neighbor or a cousin? This book covers all your gift needs as it’s appropriate for all groups of two or three kids no matter their relation and age difference.

3. It’s Exciting!

Send your kids on a quest! The book features a delightful treasure hunt that’s a real page-turner for kids of any age.

An illustration of the treasure map and 3 siblings from the personalized book by Hooray Heroes.

4. It’s Vibrant!

Like all our books, The Dream Team takes picture books to a whole new level. Our talented art department has gone above and beyond once again to provide captivating illustrations for readers of all ages to lose themselves in. Besides the main characters, you’re guaranteed to spot a new detail every time you open it!

Check out their skill in action!

5. It’s Sooooo Relatable!

We all know that even the tightest of dream teams encounters the occasional spat. It’s all part of growing up!

An illustration from the personalized book for siblings by Hooray Heroes called The Dream Team.
We’ve all been here, right?

This book takes that as its starting point and then, through its imaginative stories, serves up one reminder after another of all the ways your kids make each other stronger. In case that weren’t enough, we also have amazing ideas for how they can further strengthen their bond while having fun!

6. It’s Totally Personalized!

What better way to entertain and teach kids all at once than by making them the stars of their very own story! Like in all our books, you personalize the kids by naming them and choosing their eye color, hair color, and hairstyle, AND selecting which stories are included in your book.

Add a fun and cute dedication and make it the best gift for kids ever!

Check out how fun and simple it is:

We asked our top people on the project why they’re proud to be a part of it. See what they had to say about our new personalized book for siblings.

I’ve been wanting to make a book like this for ages and I’m really proud of our team – we worked well together and it has resulted in an awesome product.

Nastja Gosar Quinn, Concept Creator

Iva Terstenjak, the Art Director at Hooray Heroes.

This book is a nice journey back to my childhood full of imagination and fun!

Iva Trstenjak, Art Director

Ryan Quinn, the author of personalized Hooray Heroes books.

I love that readers will get to lose themselves in a different world with every page they turn. Also, they’ll get to see the word “to” rhymed with 17 different words!

Ryan Quinn, Author

It comes with matching FREE printables

We have a personalized mobile wallpaper to remind you how adorable your children are and some great FREE printables such as coupons with activities that both you and your children will enjoy ­(and that will make their bond grow even stronger!). Oh, and don’t miss our super awesome printable poster for the kiddos to hang on their wall to always remind them that they are The Dream Team.

Picture frame mockup psd hanging in kids room home decor interior

A personalized book for 4 or 5 kids, entitled: The FUNtastic 4 and The
FUNtastic 5!

We’ve also been getting a looooot of requests for a book featuring 4 or 5 kids! It’s now available !

This one is taking your kids (siblings, cousins, friends) in lovely and crazy adventures. They will look like fish, vegetables, giants and many more!

The Fish story of our book for 4 or 5 kids

Make sure they know how to cherish the irreplacable bond they share.

Let their love grow with them by putting their childhood memories in a book.