Personalized Book for 3 Siblings !

Your three musketeers embark on 15 adventures you get to choose, discovering the world around them while also developing the lifelong bond they’ll share as a family. It’s narrated by either mom or dad and dives deep into the connections and roles each child plays as the
youngest , middle, and oldest child.

You asked and we listened

We went over three-hundred-thirty-three-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-three requests and
comments from our customers, and it became abundantly clear that y’all were clamoring for a
book with more siblings in it, so we just knew that this would be the next thing we had to do!

What’s New!

Each kiddo has a distinct personality that really shines through in each of the poems!

  • The eldest takes care of the other two, a leader, and assumes the responsibility of making
    sure the other two don’t get into (too much) trouble.
  • The middle child is an explorer, a daredevil, and wants to discover everything new with
    the help of his or her siblings.
  • The youngest is happy-go-lucky, deeply curious, but needs some guidance of the older
    two to help them find their way.
  • The whole time they’re working together as a team!

Still the same best-in-class personalization options out there!

  • Personalize each kiddos’ name and appearance, down to the tiniest detail.
  • Select 15 poems featuring all three kiddos as they embark together on their escapades!
  • Choose whether mommy or daddy narrate their adventures.
  • Write your own dedication to make it really personal and special!