The personalization options for children in Hooray Heroes personalized books.

You Want Personalization Options? We’ve Got ‘Em!

The personalization options for dad in Hooray Heroes personalized books.
There’s no end to the combinations you can make!

When we say personalized, we mean it! At Hooray Heroes, we do everything in our power to help you recreate your loved ones to a T!

How are our personalization options created?

At Hooray Heroes, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the ability to create the perfect personalized book. To make that happen, our team of illustrators works hard to regularly build upon our customization options from hair style and color to skin tones and accessories. Anything and everything we have available has been meticulously scrutinized to ensure that your book come out perfect!

Naturally, our illustration team also needs the right tools to get the job done. Regardless of the tablets and graphics software they have available, each and every customization option is integrated into each illustration by hand. This means that during the 6 to 8 months required to bring a book or custom freebie to life, the integration of our personalization options into story boards is of the utmost importance.

Which personalization options can I put into my book?

Where do we start? There are so many details to choose from! At Hooray Heroes, you can customize first and last names, nicknames, hair style and color, eye shape and color, facial hair style and color and even add accessories (glasses, freckles)! To top it all off, we are always sure to leave a blank page at the beginning of every book so that you can pen a heartfelt message for the lucky receiver of your beautiful book!

All of these personalization options appear in all of our books for Dad, Mom, families, children, siblings, couples and grandparents! Getting your characters just right is what makes it so easy for our readers to truly see themselves in the stories.
At the end of the day, the proof is in the customer photos we receive.

Besides the obvious fun factor of detailed personalization, it is much easier to encourage reading and engage children with a book that’s all about them! What child could resist the bright, bold colors and fun, rhyming poems that bring the story of their adventures to life? If you’re wanting to get your kiddo into reading, this might just be the ticket!

Personalizing pets

Looking to personalize someone … fuzzier? Well, our personalized book for pets lets you put your precious dog or cat into wonderfully vibrant illustrations! Is your pet spotted? Striped? Fluffy? Big? Small? Do they have different colored eyes? We’ve got you! With such a large number of coats, colors, eye colors and body shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find a match.
Hands down, it’s absolutely the best gift for pet owners!

The different customization options for your dog in a Hooray Heroes personalized book for pets.
So many body shapes and colors to choose from for dogs …
The different customization options for your cat in a Hooray Heroes personalized book for pets.
… and cats!

The newest additions to our collection

In May 2022, 7 new haircuts were added to our books for dads. Long hair and more stylized cuts: now there’s really something for everyone!

We also just recently introduced the option to choose between 2 different body shapes in our bestselling book for couples! In the future, we’re hoping to make it a fixture of all of our books.

Coming soon!

As if that wasn’t enough, our creative team is currently developing even more personalization options for you! New hairstyles for women (bun, shaved head…), new accessories (different frames for glasses, head coverings…), new beard styles (long moustache, hipster-style beard…) and a new color selection option (with more colors!) to name a few.

The illustration team at Hooray Heroes developing more personalization options for their books.
Our amazingly talented illustration team at work making even more personalization options for you!