Best Gift for Pet Lovers

Hooray Heroes personalized book for dogs and cats and their human companions has officially become one of our bestsellers.

We were shocked by the enthusiasm with which the book was met – and we’re used to big numbers! Daily orders exceeded four digits shortly after its release, and photos and comments across our social media channels soon followed suit. Its first six months saw the sale of over half a million copies, with people personalizing it not only for kids, but for themselves and specifically their pets as well!

To celebrate, we’re sharing some highlights from its story so far.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Wordplays

For some reason, pets and puns seem to go hand-in-hand. Luckily, there’ll be no trips to the punitentiary here. Why? Because while other pet products litter their content with the same old canine and feline plays on words, we have something better: super-cute photos from happy customers like you!

Check out how these adorable duos have put themselves in our book!

Famous Pooch Alert!

You may have noticed that our books have a knack for winding up in some pretty famous hands. Well, we’re happy to say this book is no exception, having reached some famous paws! Kellan Lutz, best known from the Twilight Saga, got a book for his daughter and their dog! So there you go: despite how he feels about werewolves, it turns out he’s a dog lover!

Who’s a Good Reviewer?! Who’s a Good Reviewer?!

According to social media and Trustpilot, you are. This book is 6 months old in people years, but in review years, that number amounts to close to 1,000! Check out some of the highlights here:

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