NEW! Personalized Book for You & Your Pet!

It’s been in the works for quite some time, and now it’s finally ready!

In this new personalized book for pets, your pet and kiddo set off on 10 amazingly fun adventures, all of which are narrated by – wait for it – your pet! This surely is the BEST GIFT for pet lovers.

The Pawsome Adventures

Like all our other books, this one is fully personalized as well. You’re able to personalize your kiddo and your pet, choose the stories you’d like included and add a personal dedication at the beginning.

For now, only dogs and cats are being included, but we’ll be adding other animals along the way. Based, as always, on the requests of you, our amazing customers.

Watch how one of our illustrators put the finishing touches on our NEW personalized book for pets.

As always, there are tons of different personalization options to chose from. You can personalize the child’s gender, name, skin color, eyes, hair, accessories, and the pet – choose between a dog or a cat, their name, and many body shapes and fur colors.

Looking for a name for your four-legged friend? We’ve got you covered! We’ve made a list of the craziest, most original pet names.

Below, you can see a little sneak peek at character development.

Personalized book for Pets - dog character development
Personalized book for Pets - cat character development

Unimaginable Fun

Don’t tell me you never, ever wanted to see your kiddo and pet on a rollercoaster … or skydiving.

Because I know you have, and for whatever reason, you just couldn’t. Maybe they’re too young, and after all one of them is an animal… which is quite an issue.
After all, pets aren’t humans… but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the fun we’re having!

And it got us thinking. Your kid and pet might not be able to emBARK on all these adventures in real life, but with a little bit of imagination, they surely can in a book!

Your kiddo and furry friend will be able to:

  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Explore Mars
  • Record a funny home video
  • Adventure on a treasure island
  • Fly out of a human (& pet) cannon
  • …and much more
Illustration of Adventure on a Treasure Island - Best Personalized Gift for Pets.
Adventure on a Treasure Island
Illustration of Fly Our of a Cannon - Best Personalized Gift for Pets.
Fly out of a human (& pet) cannon
Illustration of Participate in a Flash Mob - Best Personalized Gift for Pets.
Participate in a Flash Mob
Illustration of Explore Mars - Best Personalized Gift for Pets and Kids.
Explore Mars

After looking at just the partial list of stories above, it’ll be clear to you that this is the kind of fun y’all don’t want to miss out on!

Men’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever had a cat or a dog, you’ll know full-well that they’re a part of the family. And with our brand new pets’ book, we wanted to celebrate this incredible bond we have with our fur babies. So, whether you’re a cat or a dog person, there are also some health benefits that come along with being some kitty’s or doggo’s human!

Purrrfectly Pairs With…

In need of something that will keep your furry friend close to your heart at all times? We have the purrrrfect solution. This dog or cat FREE personalized mobile wallpaper will make your bond last furever!

A free personalized mobile wallpaper for a pet and child.

Available Globally

We got so many request to make this book accessible in other countries. They are currently being sold on 14 different countries, including Canada, Australia, UK, France & Brazil.
I mean just look at these sweet photos we got from our customers all over the world that show the beautiful bond between children and their pets: