5 Reasons Why Having a Cat or Dog is Amazing for Your Health

If you’ve ever had a cat or a dog, you’ll know full-well that they’re a part of the family.  And with our brand new pets’ book, we wanted to celebrate this incredible bond we have with our fur babies. So, whether you’re a cat or a dog person, here are some of the health benefits that come along with being some kitty’s or doggo’s human!

They’re great for your mental health 

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce anxiety, depression, and help ease loneliness.  When you get home and Fido is there wagging his tail, excited as heck to see you, it’s one of those feelings that fill your heart with joy.  Unconditional love?  Yes, please!  I’ll have some of that!

They keep you physically active 

Both cats and dogs not only depend on us for food and shelter but also for physical activity as well. Taking your dog for a 30-minute walk every day isn’t just good for your pupper, but also good for you, too!  In fact, one study found that having a cat was shown to reduce your chances of a fatal heart attack or other cardiovascular events by over 30%!

They help you make friends 

Both dogs and cats are great ice-breakers!  If you’ve ever taken your dog for a walk, then you know that someone might stop you just to give him or her some scratches and strike up a conversation, especially if you take them to the dog park!   

They’re great for children 

Having a pet will help teach children about responsibility, as well as being a constant companion for them, helping to boost their self-esteem.  Also, pets have been shown to help children with learning disabilities learn how to regulate stress and calm themselves, as well as be the perfect conversation partner as they’ll never judge them. 

They help reduce stress 

If you’ve ever stroked a kitty before and felt its little chest purring, or if you’ve ever had a doggo place its head on your lap, just wanting a rub or two, then you’ll know that whatever had been happening up until that point melts away, and what remains is the love and affection between you and your fluffy bundle of fur! 

Celebrate your pet connection! 

That’s why we created a book that celebrates the bond we have with our dogs and cats.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should!  It’s touching, it’s incredibly cute, and it’s OUT NOW!