A Personalized Wedding Gift Like No Other!

This new wedding edition of our bestselling personalized Love You book for couples saves you the hassle of hunting for the best gift to celebrate the occasion!

“Noah & Allie, 15 Reasons Your Love Is Forever”

is a brand-new personalized book that takes the two newlyweds through the 15 reasons that made them tie the knot!

You get to fully personalize the newlyweds with their names and appearances, choose the 15 stories/reasons that you think describe their love the best, and add a personal message to make sure they know who the gift is from!

July is marriage season!

More than 2 million weddings took place in the US last year, most of them in the month of July.

And since marriage is such a special, once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully),
experience, it’s only right that you commemorate it with a special gift!

It’s all thanks to you.

The support you guys have shown us ever since we first launched our personalized Love You book for couples is, simply put, amazing. The numbers speak for themselves.

Around 155,000 personalized Love You books have been created since its launch in December.

Meaning that … roughly 860 people decided to surprise their S/O with the loveliest of gifts every day!

Seeing this immense excitement, we decided to create different editions of the book to better cater to specific occasions such as marriage, anniversary, and others!