Today we are continuing our exclusive series interviewing the sidekicks of Hooray Heroes’ upcoming personalized book for kids, “Hooray, Adam! You Did It!”.  With me right now is Maximillius Monnoloosh, also known as Max.  Max is as curious as they come, having crash-landed here on Earth while vacationing from the planet Wackatoosh.  The normal, the everyday, the quotidian, it’s all new for him, and from what we hear, his bucket list of things to do and see while here on our lovely planet grows exponentially each and every day.  So, without further ado, meet Max!

AE: Hello there, Max! Is it ok if I call you Max?

MM: Off coarse it is! Wait, that’s how we got here in first place.  Yes, it’s totally fine.  And can I add how excited I am to be here today?!  I’ve always wanted to be interviewed by a big star like yourself, so rippledoo! I can cross item #8,375 off my bucket list.  Buy the whey, have you seen my bucket? It’s the top-of-the-line best bucket hear! 

AE: That is a really nice bucket, Max.  But, isn’t that a half a soccer ball? 

MM: Yeah, I love to kick my bucket, two! Doesn’t fly very far, but that’s ok, I also use it to carry my bucket list around with me.

AE:…gotcha.  So, moving on, how did you happen to arrive here on Earth?  A little birdie told us…

MM: YOU’VE GOT BIRDIES THAT TALK!!!?!?!?!?!?  Where where where where where?!?!  I wanna meet one! Hold on, I knead to add that to my bucket list.  OK, where were we? Oh yeah, how I got here.  The Monnoloosh family, all 57 of us, were on our way to the Sombrero galaxy for our interstellar vacation, and obviously everyone was in hyperspace hibernation, except me.  I like to watch the stars pass from the cockpit.  So, there I was, minding my own business, when I saw this red button on the instrument panel.  “DO NOT PUSH,” it said.  So I pushed it, just to see what would happen.  We crash-landed here on Earth, and the rest is, as they say,  calling the kettle black.

AE: Hmmm, ok…. moving on, tell us a little bit more about how your transition from being on Wackatoosh to living here on Earth has been.

MM: Hooley dooley, macarooley!  There are sooo many new things to discover!! I love figuring out how all these gadzooks and gizmodos work. Did you know that toilets here include a free hat if you unscrew it?  Or who flies inside a plane??  Much better on the wing and feel the hair in your wind!  Also, learning how to speak your language has been fun, as well!  My first word was Flibberty floogle.  Look it up in the Pictionary, you’ll see what it means.  But the more I discover, the more I find! 

AE: That actually makes a lot of sense, Max.  I gotta ask, though.  Have you found some things here that you really like or enjoy?

MM: You have some amazing picture motions that I really like, especially E.T.!  I wanna get a little red riding hood like that.  He’s edorible!  I also really love jello!  It really speaks to me, and listens, two!  You no what else?  This freeze-dried ice cream is pretty good.  Add some extra space dust, hold the rocket fuel, and mhhmmm mhhhmmm mhhhmmm! But caramel?  I can’t believe you Earthlings eat that.  Pick!!

AE: Riiiiight… Well, Max, that pretty much wraps it up for us here.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MM: We’re rapping?!?  I had no idea!  Hip hop hooray!  That was on my bucket list, two!  I’d like to add that, ever since I got here, I see that I’m knot the only one who’s discovering this wonderful world.  Little earthlings, kiddos or ratrugs I believe they’re called, are also learning new things every day, just like me!  So I’d love to check off “Meet an Awesome Earth-kid” from my bucket list. Do you know someone who could help? I’ll bring the bucket!

AE: Thanks for your time, Max!  It’s been an adventure! 

MM: Rippledoo, and thanks to you, two!!