New book: Hooray Adam! You Did it!

Life is full of milestones, especially for a newborn and their parents as they share these precious little moments together.

Introducing Hooray Adam! You Did it!, the newest addition to the Hooray Heroes lineup written by NY Times Bestselling author Adam Wallace and illustrated by Illustrator Extraordinaire Jeremy Polonen!

This book is a fun and heartfelt way to celebrate all these first milestones shared between a parent and their new bundle of joy.  You pick a selection of poems that reimagine your baby’s experiences as they begin their amazing journey through life! 

You can choose from so many firsts, like

  • their first tooth,
  • their first birthday,
  • their first trip to the doctor,
  • their first outdoor activity,
  • their first smile,
  • first steps, first bath,
  • first tantrum,
  • their first precious memories that you’ll have together, all in one book!

And as your kiddo navigates their new and exciting experience called life, they’re accompanied on these first accomplishments by one of five sidekicks with their own distinct personalities: 

  1. A fierce-yet-fraidy-cat knight;
  2. a curious-but-clumsy alien;
  3. a studious-yet-easily-confused owl
  4. a prankster-with-a-heart-of-gold raccoon; or
  5. a fun-loving-yet-farty fairy.

Hooray Adam! You Did It! is sure to help you keep these touching, yet oftentimes funny moments fresh in your memory.  It might make you laugh, it might make you shed a tear or two, but one thing’s for sure:  it will be one of the top story time requests for years to come!