April Fools’ Day at Hooray Heroes

Since the usual office gags are out of the question for the time being, it got us wondering what pranks did we pull on our parents when we were kids, or even better, what pranks have our kids pulled on us for April Fools’ Day? So, with that being said, we set out to find out, and some have been down-right hilarious!

Benjamin A., UK Country Manager

This one indirectly involves my son. 5 years ago, on April Fools’ day, my very pregnant wife called me at work in the morning, in pain and panicked (she’s a very good actor), telling me she’s having crazy contractions and I need to call an ambulance because the baby’s on his way. This was in front of the entire English department where I used to work. I rushed home with their well-wishes ringing in my ears, and I kept trying to call her on my way but got no answer. When I finally got there, anxious and panicking like a madman… guess what… she was laughing and quipped ‘April Fools’ to me with a huge smile on her face! Kinda mean, right? Well, I went back to work and had to embarrassingly face all the staff and students. However, karma struck a few hours later. I got anotherphone call… This time saying it was really happening, and we needed to go to the hospital immediately! I figured what she had to go through next was vengeance enough, and that’s how my second son, Dylan, was born!

Anya K., COO at Hooray Heroes Merchandise

I spent a lot of time in my room when I was a kid. I loved to read, so I’d stay in there for hours, devouring books. When I’d get hungry or thirsty, I’d holler out to my mom to bring me a juice box or a sandwich, and my mom, being the loving and caring lady she is, would always bring me something to eat or drink. One April Fools’ Day, I decided to play a prank on her. I set some of my stuffed animals on top of my door, which I had cracked open just enough to hold them up. I yelled out to her that I was hungry, so she made me a sandwich and poured me a glass of juice. When she came to bring it to me, of course the animals fell on her. She screamed and threw the plate and glass completely across the room, getting juice and mayonnaise everywhere. I felt bad about the mess, so I helped her clean it up, but, deep down…. GOTCHA, MOM!!!

Illustration from our new book : Julie, you will always be my little girl.

Adam E., Communications Manager, US Market

I was a pretty well-behaved kid (if I do say so, myself), so playing pranks wasn’t something my parents would expect. One April Fools’, I handed my dad a quarter and bet him that he couldn’t roll it down the center of his face. He looked at me incredulously, but finally did it when I showed him with another quarter I had. He had no idea I had blackened the outside of it with a magic marker. He ended up with a thin, black line down the center of his face. My mom came into the room maybe 10 minutes later, right as he was about to go play golf with his friends. Yeah, it took him 20 minutes to wash the marker off his face and he was late for his tee-time. Whoopsie daisies! 

Eneya, O., Marketing Executive

My pranks weren’t all that complicated, but effective. One April Fools’ Day, I replaced the salt with sugar and sugar with salt in our kitchen containers. My dad decided to bake a cake that day, and let’s just say, it did not turn out how he expected! Hilarious, but ugh, that cake tasted awful!

Illustration from our siblings book: Adventures of Emma and Erick.