Printing your orders day and night

Not just a cog in the machine

A finely tuned machine. Think a Ferrari engine, a swiss timepiece, or a mission to the moon. Each piece pulling its weight, but when added together, the sum total is more than its parts. That’s how it works here at Hooray Heroes. All the parts coming together to make our children’s books super-special.

Benjamin Franklin Worked in a Print-House

For example, our print-houses are one of the most vital parts of the process of getting our books from an idea into your hands. Each day, over 100 people are working together to print thousands of individual books for you and your little ones. So far, we haven’t printed a single book that was the same as another. Their work is indispensable.

Hip Hip Hooray (Heroes) for the Print Houses!

There are 7 print-houses across the good ol’ US of A printing your personalized book with love and care. Each book is special, because it’s made just for you. Those extra hours that go into making your book are worth it, because we’ve seen you and your little heroes’ reactions when they see themselves on the page. Those tears are real, and story-time isn’t ever the same once your kiddos are the story